“Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive.”
– Notorious B.I.G.

About Me:

I DJ Private Parties, Music Festivals, Weddings, Corporate Events & Club Events. I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am available for events in California and abroad.

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine. Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def & DJ Wayne in a limousine.

I started DJ’ing as a kid with two boom boxes, cassette mixtapes, a deep love for music, and an imaginary microphone. Turntablism and DJ’ing as an art form came into the picture after completing a term in the Air Force, when I expanded my love for music and worked my way through college DJ’ing and doing voiceover. That’s where I earned a B.A. in Film & Audio Production, and I then went on to become a certified Audio Recording Engineer. Over the past 15+ years, DJ’ing has brought me to many amazing locations & events in California, Hawaii, NYC and abroad, including DJ’ing at the Symbiosis music festival, Ecstatic Dance in California and Hawaii, opening up for the B-52’s, weddings at many treasured San Francisco landmarks like the DeYoung Museum/SF Academy of Sciences/Golden Gate Park, Cruise ships in the SF bay, block parties spanning an entire city block of San Francisco and more.

I have a vast knowledge of music and a knack for reading crowds to decide what to play next. As an open format DJ, I can incorporate many different styles of music into my clients’ dance parties. If I’m throwing a party of my own it often involves 6 main styles of music: Funk, Soul, Latin, Old School Hip Hop, EDM (Electronic), and Reggae. My top 2 favorite music festivals in the US are Symbiosis and Reggae on the River. But whatever the type of music is that I’m playing, I believe people are energy, and I use music to bring an inner peace to people and an overall feeling of alive-ness… My sets usually include pre-recorded artists, but I often include a live component as well where I might create live remixes, mashups, and even original creations.

When it comes to DJ services for private events/venues like club rentals, weddings, corporate parties etc, I love each and every one of my clients, and thrive on making meaningful connections with them. You won’t hear me on the mic too often, but when its helpful I can MC to help keep the flow feeling organic. The rest of the time I let the music do the talking. I believe every event is unique and use my adaptability to create parties that represent the mood, feeling and natural vibration of the people & places involved.


DJ Services For Clubs (Public/Private), Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals & Private Parties

No matter what type of event you’re putting on, my ability to adapt to the theme and incorporate relevant & popular styles of music ensures your guests will have a great time.





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