Event Lighting Options With DJ Wayne

When DJ’ing a private party, wedding, festival or corporate event, lighting can add a little extra cool ambience to your venue. Click a link below to find out information about my available lighting options for parties & events in Northern California. If you are looking for any types of lighting not listed, let me know as I might be able to accommodate.

If I’m DJ’ing your event outside of Northern California, you’ll need a separate A/V company for lighting.

Dance Lighting:

Chauvet 4-Bar

ADJ Quad Phase HP

Mirror Ball

Fog Machine


Event Lighting:

Spot Lighting


Chauvet 4-Bar USB  **Most popular**
(4 par can, sound activated, dance light) 

ADJ Quad-Phase HP
(Multi-Beam, sound activated, dance light)

Mirror Ball
(Classic Effect)

DJ Wayne's Disco Balls
DJ Wayne’s Disco Balls



Fog Machine
To get lines of light in the air you need fog.

* Please note *
Check with key guests and site managers to be sure they are OK with having fog at the event. Some people complain of allergies to dance lighting fog.

The fog I use is water based and made by American DJ.

Here is the safety data sheet for the fog I use.

Spot Lighting
(Classic Effect / To highlight someone or something)

Spot Lighting I did at the Mill Valley Community Center
Spot Lighting I did at the Mill Valley Community Center 


Up Lighting
(Classic Effect / Most Colors Available)


Gobo Lighting
(Logo or pattern projected onto a surface/floor/wall)
(This lighting involves sending me a font for initials, or an image of the logo/pattern you want)