DJ Event Pricing

My rate averages between $1k to $4k, depending on:

  • Date of event:
    • Holidays vs Regular days
    • Weekends (Fri-Sun) vs Weekdays (Mon-Thur)
  • Length of my performance
  • Event/Venue Location:
    • Is it within 2 hours driving distance of San Francisco?
    • Will I have to fly to your event?
    • If flying to your event, are onsite venue accommodations provided?
  • Sound system(s):
    • Is a Club or A/V company setting up sound? (I bring turntables & music)
      • (ie: Temple SF, 1015 Folsom, MOMA, DeYoung, Academy of Sciences)
      • (Required for events outside of NorCal, Los Angeles & Hawaii)
    • Or will I also need to bring all the sound equipment?
      • (Only possible for events in Northern California, Los Angeles & Hawaii)
      • How much time will I have to set up & break down all the equipment?
  • Do you want extra options like lighting, generator, after party, etc…?

Available Options For Your Event or Party:

  • DJ Wayne performance (I bring only my turntables/mixer/music)
  • Custom edits, remixes, and mashups for special activities
  • Main Sound System (if not provided, includes all equipment & wireless mics)
  • Extra Sound Systems (for additional areas, or events over 200 people)
  • Overtime (added to contract if known, or pay during event with a credit card)
  • Dance floor lighting (view options)
  • Uplighting (most common lighting add-on)
  • Spotlights (highlight something like a table, award, person etc)
  • Gobo Image Projection (Logo or pattern projected onto a surface/floor/wall)