Vinyl, CD, Tape transfer & restoration services

I provide audio transfer, conversion, and restoration services for Vinyl Records, CDs, DVDs, Cassette tapes, and more.

I convert your retired audio formats into MP3, WAV, AIF, OGG and more.

Once digitized and converted, I normalize, equalize, re-master, remove pops & clicks, tag filename/artist/bpm/key etc for all song files.

After cleaning up and professionally processing your newly digitized and restored music, I deliver it or ship it back to you with the original records/cds/tapes etc along with a loaded flash drive containing all your digital music.

Let me know what you need, I have transferred and restored thousands of vinyl records and cassette tapes. I understand the nostalgia and warmth of these older forms of music delivery and I place great value in this honoring and cataloging of other peoples’ music collections.